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Hot Buttered Elvis

Yes, you read that right. Hot...Buttered....Elvis. It's a band. A pretty rockin' heavy metal sort of band. And they played a concert - in the parking lot of Booz Allen. How surreal is that? It was a bizarre experiment called "Rock for Referrals". They hired the band and bought pizza and popcorn and drinks for the concert. The first 50 people to show up with a resume so they could refer a candidate for hire got a free Hot Buttered Elvis CD. Well who can resist that huh? The band did a lot of covers but they did them in odd ways. For instance, did you know Candle in the Wind works just fine as a reggae tune? What's even more disturbing - John Jacob Engleheimer Schmidt makes a fine punk rock tune. The CD had more original songs on it but had a most odd death metal cover of Material Girl - sung by a man with none of the words changed. Just our cup of tea, but I can't imagine why Booz thought it would appeal to their NORMAL employees. We must be doing pretty well if they're running stunts like that to find new employees.

If you live in the DC area check them out at a local show:

I've been to the gym twice since my last posting. Instead of upping the resistance on the bike I am now increasing time to build up endurance for the Hawaii trip. Yesterday I did 40 minutes on setting 5 on the bike which I wouldn't have thought possible a year ago. I have one more month to work on it. Hopefully this will help hiking around Volcano Park.

Today was my annual review for work. My boss AND his boss came down to a restaurant near my office and took me to lunch. The review was good, the raise was fair, and it pushed me a little ahead of hubby again so I don't have to worry about him passing me this year. Silly of me, but it's an ego thing. Actually he DOES make more - but he works full time to my 80%. If I worked full time I'd make more. It all goes into the same pot, and I should be bigger than this, but I'm not. As vices go it could be worse.

Thank you to everyone for hiking boot advice. If the pair I ordered on-line don't fit right I'll try the mom and pop joint barkmark suggested. Capclave this weekend. Hope to see some of you there. TTFN

Books: The Digging Leviathan - and man is it dragging

Movies: Ah, no

Soundtrack: Hashpipe - I requested it and Hot Buttered Elvis sang it for me. Edwin A. Booz must have rolled over in his grave.
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