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Media Junkie's Daily Fix
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Saturday, October 31st, 2015
2:17 pm
Return from the Emerald City
The hubby and I took an anniversary trip to Seattle. We spent a whole week there and I must say it is a very nifty city. We did the Space Needle because you've got to right? We also went to the Chihuly Glass Garden and Museum which is far more amazing than pictures can even show because of the sheer scale of the pieces. We took a cruise around the sound. We saw Pikes Place Market and Pioneer Square. But most important of all we went to MJ Paradise - the EMP.

The Experience Music Project Museum is a shrine to pop culture. They have one wing dedicated to music. The primary display was punk rock from the beginnings in the underground up to Nirvana and the grunge scene. There were listening stations galore and it was interesting to see home much of the essential punk we already owned. There was a lot more to the music half but it paled in comparison to the SciFi and Fantasy half.

There were costumes from all our favorite movies and TV shows. Props too. Interviews with authors showing on screens that were the eyes of dragonflies. The eyes even blinked sometimes! It was so amazing I could have spent every day there. Even the outside of the building was wicked cool. We have some bitchin' pictures I can assure you!

About the town itself, it's much like England. Wet, and obsessed with cheese and bacon. [For the record your first bite of candied bacon is like seeing the face of God] And there is a coffee culture like you wouldn't believe. I drank a LOT of coffee trying for different places every day. For the record, don't like a Marley Coffee machine make you a coffee even if it does place you a tune when it does it. Ewwww. The best coffee by far was in a little one off joint called Cafee Migliore. It was the only place I visited twice, and I would have gone there more if I'd found it sooner.

Because it was a big milestone we stayed in a very swanky hotel with art deco design throughout, and a free wine hour every day. Two of the days there was also live music, and one day there was a magician. It was a real experience.

Books: Zeus is Dead: a Monstrously Inconvenient Adventure - I highly recommend it

Movies: You gotta love planes these days - Tomorrowland/Ant Man/Jenny's Wedding/The Fantastic 4 [recommend the first 3, skip the last]

Music: Her Morning Elegance
Saturday, June 27th, 2015
6:41 pm
The Giant Claw
This movie was a Smithee Award natural. For sure least convincing monster and worst science. That being said it was a hoot. If you're looking for schlock for an evening treat yourself to The Giant Claw.

Also in the news the country stopped embarrassing itself and me for a few days. USA! USA! So far the economy hasn't collapsed and I can't detect any degradation in the quality of my marriage, but I'm willing to give it time ;-)

Books: Helen & Troy's Epic Road Quest

Movies: The Giant Claw

Soundtrack: Annoying world music, let me go take care of that ...
Tuesday, June 23rd, 2015
7:47 pm
Episode IV a New Hope
Be ready to be shocked...

I've resigned my job of 21+ years in favor of a tiny little company that sweetened the pot until I just couldn't say no. It will be a big change, but I think it's going to work out. Wish me luck!

Books: Shakespeare's Champion

Movies: Waiting for Trainwreck to come out

Soundtrack: a nature show
Sunday, June 14th, 2015
4:04 pm
That's Entertainment!
Friday we went to see Weird Al. The man is a genius! The show was a multimedia experience with videos showing during the numerous costume changes. The entire band costumed, not just Al. He also crawled over the audience during a song of pickup lines, sang a lounge singer style medley of his more popular songs, and had a truly inspired scat bridge in Yoda. I'd see him again in a heartbeat!

Saturday was girls night out with Sharainchains and my work friend Autumn. We saw Spy in an all recliner theater and laughed ourselves sick. Then we went out for sushi and drinks. Eventually I had to call it quits over my leg. If not for that we'd probably kept going for coffee or ice cream. The ladies didn't know each other before but got on well and the conversation could have kept going for hours if I hadn't rained on the parade.

For those following the saga I have finally been approved for all my disability pay. It should be in my next paycheck. It took 8 weeks to get everything OKed and it will be 10 weeks before I see the last of the money owed. I SO am a believer in the AFLAC duck now.

Books: Casino Infernale

Movies: Spy - go see it!

Soundtrack: it's quiet, too quiet...
Monday, June 8th, 2015
4:57 pm
The Saga Continues
I asked Booz to call Aetna and push for them to reopen my claim, then called the orthopedist and pushed to get the paperwork faxed out immediately. That combo might keep me out of a lengthy appeals process, but no one made any promises. It's enough to drive a gal insane.

On the plus side I was able to drive myself to work and back today. I wouldn't be able to if it wasn't just 10 minutes away, but I'm still encouraged by the progress. It's an hour later now and the pain is manageable again. Again, I don't recommend tearing your calf to anyone in a big way.

Books: Casino Infernale

Movies: just some Archer season 3

Soundtrack: distant thunder
Saturday, June 6th, 2015
5:52 pm
Broken system
Someone please explain to me why if my orthopedist can't follow directions from Aetna I'm the one that suffers? I'm currently out more than two weeks pay because of it and now Aetna says I have to follow an appeals process instead of just getting the right info faxed to them. I'm starting to feel the urge to lawyer up just so they can share my pain.
Monday, June 1st, 2015
7:54 pm
6.5 Hours
I was able to work longer on my first day than I'd imagined, but now my leg is killing me. Hope I'm not too sore tomorrow.
Sunday, May 31st, 2015
4:36 pm
Tomorrow is the big day!
I'm going to go back to work tomorrow. No telling how many hours I will last, but I've got to start sometime so here I go. I'm doing everything normally now except descending the stairs and I won't have to do that at work. The problem now is stamina. The leg muscle still gets tired easy. Like I set up a meal in the crock pot just now and it wore the muscle out and I had to put the leg up. But again, not much standing involved in the job. Wish me luck!

Books: Live and Let Drood

Movie: K-Pax, a bit like a modern Harvey

Soundtrack: I was sitting in the Hollywood Hawaiian Hotel, I was listening to the air conditioner hum...
Monday, May 25th, 2015
6:42 pm
Curse you Secret Histories!
I was finishing up For Heaven's Eyes Only with what looked like a satisfactory ending when BAM! Big time cliffhanger. Grrrr. Had to shell out for a kindle copy of the sequel. Damn you Simon Green!

Not much going on here. Able to shuffle around easier, stand a little longer etc. Figured out that two cork yoga bricks are the perfect answer to the problem of my office chair being too high. Can't have my injured leg dangling the way it used to. Should be returning to work part time on Monday. Not sure how long I will last on my first day back, but you've got to try some time.

Books: For Heaven's Eyes Only/Live and Let Drood

Movies: nope, just reading and TV

Soundtrack: News4
Monday, May 18th, 2015
5:54 pm
Avengers Assem-Ouch!
This weekend was my big experimental outing. I bought tickets to see Avengers in an all recliner theater. I thought the walk from the handicap space to my seat would be doable then my leg would be up for 2.5 hours of rest. It turned out to be a lot harder than I thought due to ramps that manage to hurt in both directions and there was also car time. By the time we got home there was serious pain. Hubby fixed that by brining me my first alcohol in over a month. After that long hiatus I was very easily snookered and felt better. It was an important lesson in how poor my endurance still is.

About Avengers, I thought it was great but would have done one thing differently. Opening with an action sequence didn't give me enough time to settle into the movie and suspend disbelief. Therefore the CGI in that first sequence looked so fake to me that I thought they were running a training exercise in a holodeck. That being said I'm glad I pushed my envelope to see it. That being said I'm going to rest in the house for the rest of the week.

Books: Eye of Zoltar

Movies: Avengers/Hey Mr. Producer

Soundtrack: it's so quiet in here my ears are ringing
Monday, May 11th, 2015
9:13 pm
Back to Reading
Aside from a second Craig Ferguson comedy special and some TV I'm mostly reading again. I'm starting to see more tangible results from the physical therapy. I hope to return to work in two weeks. As it has been all along sitting is the hardest part. So far I haven't managed it for longer than 21 consecutive minutes. It's a long painfully hard road :(

Books: Long Mars/The Night Watch/The Force is Middling inThis One

Movies: Craig Ferguson: I'm Here to Help

Soundtrack: The Voice
Wednesday, May 6th, 2015
3:58 pm
Thank God for Amazon Prime
It turns out that even I can grow tired of reading if given enough weeks of unlimited reading time. So I've been watching Amazon Prime Movies including a LOT of Masterpiece.

Pride and Prejudice - all 6 hours of it
Mansfield Park
The Mystery of Edwin Drood
Craig Ferguson - Does This Need to be Said? (SO funny)

And I've got a lot more watch listed. Good thing since the physical therapist dropped the news on me this morning that I will be home at least two more weeks :(
Sunday, May 3rd, 2015
7:22 pm
My Friends Rock!
Today Sharainchains came visiting with a stack of movies and a big bag of Thai. Who could ask for anything more? Physical therapy continues to bring incremental improvements. Going back to work on the 13th is starting to seem feasible. Fingers crossed!

Books: Mercury Revolts/The Long Mars/The Night Watch

Movies: Annie (2014 version)

Soundtrack: The hubby typing. He's been a rock through this whole thing.
Thursday, April 30th, 2015
4:01 pm
More Visits!
Yesterday my friend Karin came over. She brought me flowers and strawberries and the makings for home made Orange Julius. We talked and watched St. Trinian's which is sort of Animal House for British girls. VERY funny.

Today Mr. Christopher brought me Pei Wei for lunch and we talked about books. I'm so much more optimistic now that I've had a variety of company. I'm really earning the E in ENTJ.

Books: Mercury Revolts/The Long War/The Night Watch

Movies: St. Trinian's

Soundtrack: NBC4
Monday, April 27th, 2015
9:09 pm
Ala Queen Betsy
Today I ripped through a funny werewolf book: Ready to Were. It reminded me of the vampire Queen Betsy books. As a bonus it's a free download from Amazon. Now I'm trying to read a Jasper Fforde about a pig detective. It's reaching for noir, perhaps a little too hard. I'm also trying to work through my two remaining depressing books.

My physical therapist really upped the ante today so I'm a bit sore. I'm moving around a little easier though, so I can't complain.

Yesterday our friends Mark and Patti came for a nice visit. It made me feel less isolated, which was great. They brought sushi too! We yacked and listened to music and played with the hubby's remote control fish dirigible. Maybe I should line up more visitors.

Books: Ready to Were/The Long War/The Night Watch/The Third Pig Detective Agency

Movies: Robin Williams Weapon of Self Destruction

Soundtrack: The Voice
Saturday, April 25th, 2015
5:12 pm
Brazil has nothing on short term disability
The amount of paperwork to apply for short term disability. All of it needs to be printed out, filled out, signed, and faxed. HR told me how simple it would be to do this, but I pointed out that if I could sit at a desk without extreme pain I wouldn't NEED to be on disability. Also some of these forms need to be faxed to my doctor who is charging me $30/form to fill them out. That's a lot for someone who will not be paid until all the forms are filled out, plus 10 business days to adjudicate - plus time to protest if I'm denied.

I should be concentrating on healing instead of hurting myself further getting this paperwork together. Also when I think of all the people in America who live paycheck to paycheck and could not afford an interruption to their pay this whole process is making me crazy.

Speaking of crazy, when I hobbled into physical therapy leaning heavily on my cane the admin gasped out "Are you alright?" Which startled a big laugh out of me. "Of course I'm not alright. Hi, I'm perfectly fine and I'm here for physical therapy!" I wasn't yelling, but I was channeling my inner Lewis Black.

Many thanks to evcelt for recommending The Goblin Emperor. I loved it. It helped keep me sane through all this. I was also hugely cheered that my fried K is finally responding to a cancer treatment. It is the most hopeful thing that has happened in a very long time.

Books: The Goblin Emperor/The Long War/The Night Watch

Movies: might watch one tonight

Soundtrack: Carry On (Will Champlian version)
Tuesday, April 21st, 2015
3:53 pm
State of the MJ
So the orthopedist says yes all that stuff the GP read off the MRI is true, but that's the knee pain you've been living with for years. The new pain is a severely strained calf. I think. Lets try treating it that way and see how it responds. We will deal with all the knee junk later when you can't stand it anymore.

Oddly enough I'm going to call that good news. He put a giant brace on me and now I don't feel pain just lying around in bed. 2-3 weeks home from work with the leg up minimum, but it doesn't sound like surgery this year anyway.

I'm dragging my way through three different books right now and they are all depressing. Please suggest some happy and/or funny books to read once I've slogged through them. I could use a pick me up.

Books: The Long War/Gideon/The Night Watch

Movies:Guardians of the Galaxy/about 15 minutes of A Touch of Venus - all I could stand

Soundtrack: one lone bird chirping
Saturday, April 18th, 2015
11:54 am
And now, I am screwed
I have torn cartilage in my knee. Seeing orthopedist on Tuesday to see if I need surgery. No book club for me today. No Ravencon for me next week. No work until the doctor OKs it. Taking very good pain pills. Reading and Amazon Video will be everything as I lay housebound. Hubby taking good care of me.

In other news Kingsmen was a heap of over the top fun and ultra-violence. Also watched Constantine again since I love how creepy Tilda Swinton is in it. Visited the Workhouse with sharainchains and tracked down the painting I wanted to send my father. It should be arriving soon. Hope he likes it.

Books: The Witch with No Name/The Long Earth

Movies: Kingsmen/Constantine

Soundtrack: Birds chirping since hubby opened the windows. Wish I could go outside :(
Monday, March 16th, 2015
8:54 pm
Girls, girls, girls
Took time this weekend to hang out with some girlfriends I hadn't seen in a very long time. Sherry and Marva met me for all you can eat sushi followed by binge shopping at the huge Macy's sale. I felt like I was shoplifting when I scored thigh high leather boots for $20!

The next day I had Indian with Karin then we went to see Chappie. It was a good movie, but very sad. There were no good guys, just varying degrees of bad guys.

Poor hubby was sorely neglected. I will have to do something special for him this weekend.

Books: The Long Earth

Movies: Chappie, plus half of The Last King - that was all we could stand. The actors were doing a fine job, but the story was too painful to watch. A real train wreck.

Soundtrack: The Voice
Monday, March 9th, 2015
8:35 pm
Nice to have confirmation once in a while
Spent all day Saturday at a gifted and talented student conference. Ran two workshops. Totally right not to have any rug rats of my own. I would love not to see another one for the rest of the year.

On the plus side made a good contact with a guy that owns an educational game company. He bought a case of X-Machina, and I hope to sell him more in the future.

Books: The Long Earth

Movies: no time

Soundtrack: The Voice
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